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We support your employment practices to enable you to focus on running your business and developing your staff.

Getting these practices wrong can lead to long and costly legal processes, so at Atkinson Rose, we are here to guide you, to help you get your practices right in the first place, and to reduce the disruption to your firm if things do go unexpectedly wrong.

Employment disputes can adversely affect the rest of the team, your business reputation and the bottom line. We will provide the support to deal with sensitive situations, save money in costly tribunals and look for alternative solutions to lessen the impact for the whole company.

Whether you want help setting up policies, managing redundancies, dealing with an employee dispute, or an tribunal claim we will tailor our support to help in one of three ways: 

Fixed price contracts and policies.

Employment Documentation

Tailored fixed fees to advise you on your specific employment practice or concern.

1-2-1 Employment Advice

Fixed fee or no win no fee options* to help you resolve issues quickly, effectively and with the least amount of time and costs for all involved.

Employment Tribunal Disputes



We are able to also offer employers no win no fee work.*


Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you, and to see if you qualify for our no win no fee option* for employers.

Examples of employment Law Services covered:

·       Staff Contracts
·       Policies
·       Redundancy Advice
·       Internal Disciplinaries
·       Settlement Agreements
·       Legal Advice and Representation
·       Early Conciliation
·       Employment Tribunal Services and Representation

As a small business I need cost effective employment advice quickly, that's tailored to our specific needs. 

Amit was always on hand to talk me through our options in a refreshingly jargon-free way.


Louise Reed

Elbow Productions Ltd

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