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Pregnant belly


 I was in a really vulnerable place...the way the team handled my complicated employment issue was absolutely outstanding. Honest and caring. I cannot recommend them enough.

Whilst pregnancy and motherhood can be an amazing life experience, it can also be daunting, relentlessly demanding and overwhelming.  And just at a time in their lives that women need the most support, sadly they are all too often discriminated against at work. This can be extremely distressing and shocking. 

What does pregnancy/maternity discrimination look like?

Some examples include:

  • sacking someone soon after a pregnancy announcement

  • refusing time off for medical or antenatal appointments

  • passing over a pregnant person for training and/or promotion

  • making someone redundant or cutting their pay whilst on maternity leave 

  • bullying or harassment due to pregnancy 

If any of these things seem familiar, you are protected in law and may have a claim. And unlike many other areas of employment law, you do not have to have been with your employer for the minimum 2 years to take action.


When can we help?

Whether you are currently experiencing difficulties, feel that you were unfairly dismissed, or maybe feel you had no choice but to resign, we will look for ways to win fair settlements or enforce your rights in the tribunal if it comes to it, so that you can get on with your life and focus on the things that really matter.

Unlike many other firms we only deal with employment law. We are specialists in pregnancy and maternity discrimination as well as being parents of young children ourselves.  We understand the distress and emotional impact that pregnancy and maternity discrimination can cause. 

We have a small, friendly and dedicated team. Get in touch and we will be able to give you further advise for free.


We are often able to offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement*.

Employee has meeting with a solicitor



We are often able to operate on a no win no fee basis.*

Alternatively, we can charge nominal fixed fees, so you have peace of mind that you will not be subjected to costs that spiral out of control.

We want to help as many people as possible to avoid being exploited at work, so always talk to us first, because we can be very flexible in how we work and charge.

Contact us for a free consultation with a lawyer to see how we can help you.

This was a very stressful time for me. I really appreciated Amit understanding my ‘out of my comfort zone feelings’. He took control and negotiated a settlement without me having to keep reliving the whole ordeal.


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