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Mid Year Musings

It's been a pretty eventful 6 months both in and out of employment law. We've seen a snap election go awry, the possible foundation of impeachment proceedings against Trump and a failed private prosecution against Blair for the Iraq war. And it's only July.......

In other news that is equally as mind-blowing, within the firm, we now have a new home in Greville Street, a new (hopefully memorable) telephone number, and a new website.

We are sad to see Alice leave us as she embarks on a tour around Asia (the door is always open for her return) and have welcomed Ruth back after her recent stint at Freshfields. We also have two new additions to the firm, Emma and Christian who have hit the ground running and already proved themselves invaluable.

As the firm and number of cases taken on have grown, we have also begun to instruct three new Barristers, Alistair, Lauren, and Grace who have already achieved results far beyond our expectations.

We hope that you all have a lovely summer filled with warm prosecco, barbecues and not having to deal with lawyers!

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