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Tribunal fees and Refunds

The employment tribunal fees introduced by the Government in 2013 were roundly criticised by the Supreme Court which has finally deemed them as unlawful. This means three things:

1. All employees who paid those fees to bring claims in the past are now entitled to refunds; and

2. Claimants no longer have to pay those fees to bring claims; and

3. Our view is that employees who were put off from bringing discrimination claims because of the fees may now have a chance of bringing those claims now. This is because the tribunal have a discretion for accepting claims out of time for discrimination claims and having to pay fees of £1,200 whilst unemployed seems like a good reason for not bringing a claim during the applicable time. If you fall into this category then please contact us as soon as possible.

You can apply for a refund by either post or email directly to the fees office (details at the bottom of each form) by using one of the following:

1. Form 1-C if you paid the fees yourself:

2. Form 3-S if you paid the fees for someone else to make the claim:

3. Form 2-R if the tribunal ordered you to pay the fees of someone who brought a claim against you:

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